Upravit stránku

In 2005 we started as a relatively small company. We focused mainly on the CNC manufacturing of machine parts. Year after year, our production continued to grow and so did the number of employees. Our former premises became insufficient, so in 2008, we started the construction of a new hall in Ždírec nad Doubravou, where we moved the entire production.

How we have expanded our range of services

Up to 2014, we concentrated on the production of machine parts, which were then installed in various industrial machines by the customer. However, we wanted to offer something more, so we started assembling these parts right here at Harcross. Gradually, we also carried out the construction of machine sub-assemblies. In order to develop a new production program, we started the construction of a new production hall in 2016, which was finished in 2017. We now have two separate facilities – a CNC machining workshop and an assembly hall.

  • Harcross CNC Machining Workshop
  • Harcross Assembly Hall

What does our work process look like?

We always produce according to the customer's drawings. Programs for the production of parts on CNC machines are created in CAM software according to 3D models from customers. Thanks to modern technology, we can actively cooperate with customers and suggest possible changes in the documentation so that the production of parts is efficient and absolutely accurate.

We have highly skilled technologists who come up with ideas for new orders and prototypes and work directly with the customer along with the engineers. They also work closely with our suppliers in the production of sheet metal parts, forgings, weldments and finishes.

What can we provide for you?

  • production of parts in CNC milling centres
  • parts for mechanical and hydraulic machines
  • parts for engraving machines
  • parts for various types of industrial machines and equipment
  • production of spare parts for machines according to customer requirements
  • production of parts according to your requirements in piece and batch production
  • assembly of components into units
  • construction of machine sub-assemblies from our own parts
  • grinding of flat surfaces
  • shape grinding

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