Since its establishment, our company has specialized mainly in CNC machining. We have mainly focused on the production of machine parts for industrial engineering machines. Based on the good results of cooperation with our customers, we also started to develop the production of machines: the production of parts and their assemblies that are incorporated into industrial machines in various sectors. Machine manufacturing and assembly have gradually become our second significant production program.

According to the technical documentation, we produce a variety of assemblies across different industries: engraving, textile, and glass-making machines and machines for food packaging or cold welding.

This also involves the production of sheet metal parts, burnouts, weldments, and parts with different shape requirements. We are able to combine welding of machined parts with burnouts, rotary welding, TIG, MIG/MAG welding of steel, stainless steel, and aluminium. We also provide subsequent machining of these units as well as surface treatment (anodizing, galvanizing, powder coating, etc.) with the possibility of covering the required surfaces. 

We offer production according to customer requirements - we produce individual parts for which we provide heat or surface treatment according to the requirement, we assemble and complete these parts with other pneumatic, electronic parts, motors, gearboxes - according to the technical specification.


For our customers in this production program we offer:

  • cooperation in development 
  • piece and series production of machines and their accessories
  • production of machine prototypes according to technical specifications

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