Upravit stránku

The beginning of our company dates back to 2005. Over time we have come a long way, increasing our production volume, and the number of employees and we have also started a new manufacturing program. Our company is constantly developing, mainly thanks to a significant cooperation with major companies and quality suppliers.

You can rely on us!


We provide complete manufacturing of CNC products and assemblies for industrial machines. We offer the widest range of specific services, from the production of specific parts to their assembling into units, and also various types of grinding.


We fulfil your requirements for batch and custom production of components for different types of machines. Our CNC milling centres produce parts in sizes from a few millimetres to burnouts, weldments, and castings up to 1000 mm.


Thanks to our modern machines, we can handle a wide variety of materials: non-ferrous metals, copper, cast aluminium, tool steel, high-speed steel (HSS), food grade, and chemistry stainless steel. We also provide surface treatment for all products.


We deliver the best products that perfectly blend quality with your specific requirements and wishes. We have a certified quality system according to international standards, thanks to which we offer high-quality products, that you can rely on. 

Initially only parts... And nowadays whole assemblies!

Join us on a journey together. Whether you choose to collaborate on the development of a prototype or a specific technical assignment for batch or custom production. According to the technical documentation, we produce a variety of assemblies across different industries: engraving, textile, and glass-making machines and machines for food packaging or cold welding.


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