Quality is not just a phrase for us. It is the cornerstone on which we and our customers build. We are constantly improving and reinforcing the quality of our management and production and the EN ISO 9001:2016 certificate is proof of that. Quality management has been established in the company for a long time and we strive to ensure its proper functioning and efficiency through our daily work. Our goal is to increase performance and ensure customer satisfaction by providing quality products on a continuous basis.

Our employees are professionals in their field and work with modern production and process technologies. They are also involved in building quality management and maintaining and continuously improving our established processes.

The customer comes first

When a company runs well internally, it runs well on the outside. That's the motto we always stick to at Harcross. A satisfied customer is our major goal. All internal processes in the company are set up to meet customer requirements, evaluate our work and continuously improve.

Every employee is responsible for his or her part of the work and as a team, we strive to build a well-functioning unit. Only by working together can we achieve our goals. Management is responsible for planning and providing all the necessary resources to achieve the best results.


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