Outsource to us batch or custom production of parts for different machines according to your specialization and needs. We currently supply machined parts for metalworking, engraving, or textile machines, machines for food packaging, cold wire welding or glass processing, and other industrial machines and laboratory equipment.

We have modern CNC milling centres that enable us to produce a wide range of specific component sizes from a few millimetres to burnouts, weldments, and castings up to 1000 mm.

We have extensive experience and can handle a variety of materials non-ferrous metals, copper, aluminium, tool steel, and high-speed steel (HSS) as well as food grade and chemical stainless steel.



We provide:

  • CNC milling 3-axis, 4-axis
  • CNC shape grinding
  • plane grinding
  • gun drilling 
  • engraving
  • sandblasting
Harcross products from CNC machining
Harcross products from CNC machining
demonstration of CNC machined products Harcross
demonstration of CNC machined products Harcross


We also provide various surface treatments, chemical, and heat treatments of all products:

  • electroplating – zinc, nickel, chrome
  • powder coating
  • anodizing of aluminium 
  • annealing and precipitation hardening
  • nitriding
  • blackening



In the case of surface and heat treatments, we cooperate with reliable suppliers who guarantee high quality and professional delivery of our requirements.

We can identify the resulting products at the customer's request by engraving them according to the specified requirements.

lady working with the CNC machine Harcross
lady working with the CNC machine Harcross

We Work with Modern CNC Milling Centers

We provide CNC machining on several vertical milling centres. Our current capacity sufficiently covers most of the requirements for the production of machine parts, for which we use the assistance of 3D CAD/CAM softwares.
  • 4 vertical three-axis CNC machines size 750
  • 3 vertical CNC machines size 750 with the fourth axis
  • 4 vertical CNC machines size 1000 (2 with fourth axis option)

CNC Machining of Engineering Parts

The majority of rotating products are manufactured on CNC lathes with a turning diameter of 400 mm and a length of 600 mm. However, we can also produce longer parts on conventional lathes up to 1000 mm in length. We produce parts for hydraulic systems, flanges, shafts, engineering parts, and more. We process materials such as conventional steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper, or brass.

Sample of Our CNC Lathe Products

CNC Shape Grinding

Shape grinding is mainly used in the production of parts for the food industry. This industry has seen a great deal of change in the materials used in recent years. Therefore, today we do not only grind tool or stainless steels but also various copper alloys. At our disposal, we have a plane, conventional, and CNC grinders. We provide precision surface grinding of flat surfaces for a better appearance in a total length of 1000 mm or width of 400 mm.

Sample of Our Equipment for Shape Grinding

Sample of Our Shape Grinding Products

Interested in CNC machining or grinding? Contact us

Send us a drawing of the product, specify the material and we will prepare and send you a price quotation in 4 to 6 weeks. In case of urgent requests, we are able to shorten this time period.


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